People Are Being Set Free

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
People Are Being Set Free

Here in New York City on Tuesday nights on our live, online prayer meeting, people are being set free. Listen to these praise reports:

From Washington: “I’m free from a 6-year battle with pain killers. I tried so many, many times; I always failed. Jesus set me free! Was it easy? No, but I am free! Glory, glory!”

From Canada: “I thank God and Times Square Church. My husband is still not home, but he has joined AA and is free from his morphine addiction. He has opened communication with my pastor, and now I’m needing God to lead him home.”

From New York City: “I submitted a prayer for my daughter to stop drinking and fighting with me. Thank you Jesus, out of the blue, she just stopped!”

New Jersey: “One year ago, my daughter stole ten thousand dollars for drugs. Now she is clean for fourteen months! She attended church with me on Sunday, and she’s starting to read the Bible.”

Oh, praise God!

It’s time to pray.

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  1. lolita   •  

    please pray for my daughter semita balvir she just got her baby premature baby is in the hospital my daughter is home I pray for God to heal her and the baby completely Heal give happness peace and joy and happiness of God Bless You Jesus have done for her and baby thank you.

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