Praying for Those Who Have No Strength

You and I are living today in a society that is literally rife with pain. I heard a report just the other day again of another young student with seemingly such a bright future suddenly deciding to take his own life. So many are on the highways and byways of life like the blind man in the Scriptures. Others are trying to press through the crowd, trying to get healed of an inner agony that is simply too deep for anything but God to touch.

And there are even others like the man in Mark, chapter 2 who can’t get to God on his own, but he had four friends who were willing to take him up on a rooftop and let him down through the roof right into the very presence of God who healed him. Those four friends are like you and I—the Church of Jesus Christ. We have to pray. We’ve got to lay hold of God on behalf of those who have no strength.

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It’s Really Time to Pray

The one thing that I can say definitively about this church age is that you and I don’t have it all together. If we did, our societies and our cities would look quite differently than they do today. But I thank God with all of my heart that Hebrews tells us that in a season of weakness, people were able to find strength. Listen to the words of the writer in chapter 4, verse 16. He says, “Let us come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

We’re in a time of need. Our children are crying out for truth on every street corner; our families are falling apart. Civility has been thrown to the wind. The church has lost the power of the cross. But that power can be regained if we come to the throne of grace and say, “God, You have to help us to get back to where the power that You have really is.”

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Washing Our Hands

The gospel of Matthew, chapter 27 tells us about a man and a nation who lost touch with the concept of truth. He ended up washing his hands of this man called Jesus. The end result of his deed was that he had a troubled conscious, and he set the stage, in measure, for a decaying and collapsing nation from right underneath his feet.

In retrospect, we look and see how different his own future and all those he affected might have been if he had joined the chorus of voices crying out for this man Jesus.

My question to you is: Do we not do the same when we cease to pray—when we’re not in that secret place crying out for God to do what only God can do in our midst? Let’s not wash our hands of Jesus. I think you and I, at this juncture in history, at this critical juncture, might be found among those in the secret place saying, “Jesus, please come. Jesus, come!”

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The Arrow

The book of first Samuel, chapter 20 tells us about a season in David’s (the future king of Israel) life where he was in crisis. His friend, Jonathan, shot an arrow into the field and told David, “The arrow is beyond you. Make speed; haste, stay not!” In other words, the ways of God are not always understandable by our natural minds. What looks to be a crisis can sometimes be an opportunity for God to show His power on behalf of His people.

Sad to say, David became focused on his own preservation, only to lead himself and others into a series of events that ended up in loss and despair. But when he began to pray again, not only he but the nation was put back on the road to recovery.

My word to you today is that the ways of God are beyond us, but not beyond God. Make speed; haste, stay not! Start to pray.

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Miracles in a Strange Place

The book of Acts chapter 27 and part of 28 tell us about a society that was thrust into a sudden storm, and they ended up in a strange place. Their survival had been solely by the grace of God through the prayers of a self-sacrificing man by the name of Paul. In the midst of what must have been a terrifying situation for many, the miracles of God began to abound again.

My friends, we’ve got to pray like we’ve never prayed before. Our society is headed on a trajectory that is going to lead us in a situation with which we are not familiar. People’s hearts will begin to open, but we’ll find ourselves powerless if we have not been a people of prayer.

It’s time for the miracles of God to begin to abound again, the healing of those who have no way out, the strength that God gives to those who have no strength. Let’s begin to pray.

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No Prayers are Too Small

I happen to believe with all my heart that no prayer, no matter how small it is, uttered in faith is a vain thing. Can you imagine as David the king went down to that brook before he faced Goliath, reached his hand into the water to pick up five small stones, how hell must have been all around him telling him: “This weaponry that you’re putting into your hand is so insignificant in comparison to the magnitude of the battle that is before you”?

Satan would try to convince this generation that our prayers mean nothing, but I tell you that a small prayer uttered in faith has the power to bring down every thought that has exalted itself against the knowledge of God. Goliath learned this as that first stone sunk deep into his forehead and brought him face down into the dust. You and I need to pray like we’ve never prayed before.

It’s time to pray.