One Praying Man

In the book of Acts, chapter 27, we have the story of a people who decided to undertake a journey. But in undertaking that journey, they disregarded the words that came from God through one of His servants. Because of this, the journey took on a storm-like quality that they had never anticipated was going to happen to them. Suddenly everything was out of their control—things were starting to fall apart; opinions about survival seemed to be abounding on every side.

When it became evident that everything was falling apart and their journey was going to end in disaster, the only thing that could make a difference was one praying man called the apostle Paul.

Don’t think of yourself as insignificant. Don’t think of yourself as too small a player to make a difference in this generation that you and I are living in. You can go to your prayer closet, you can go to a prayer meeting, you can go to your church. You can pray. You can make a difference!

It is time to pray.