No Room in the Inn

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
No Room in the Inn

Opening with a dramatic reading of Luke 2:1-14, this special program presents the challenge of the Bethlehem story-when an innkeeper decided there was “no room in the inn.”

There was a knock at the door, a plea for a place to birth a child. But someone would have to give up a bed and the cries of a newborn might disturb sleep. Suddenly it just became easier to say, “We’re sorry, there’s no room.”

This Christmas message from Carter Conlon, including a stirring testimony of a young woman who did find room in the inn, reminds the people of God to respond when a “knock” comes. Will it be a phone call to answer, a meal to provide, a guest invited to celebrate the season? Are we ready to answer the knock and make room in the inn?


  1. Faiona Molliene   •  

    Dear Carter Conlon, I was humbled by the message on your Facebook today, but the enemy has been attacking any form of communication with the outside world that I have. It took me almost an hour to hear this message today because someone was hacking into my phone the whole time. I pray for this selfish action to stop in Jesus name. I went through this with another phone. Please pray for me. I love my Jesus, but someone hates when I turn on anything with Time to Pray. Faiona

  2. Deborah   •  

    Lord Touch America this christmas let there be a mighty move of the Holy Spirit reach homes and Individuals

    • Selah   •  


  3. Shelia Brown   •  

    Thank you, Pastor Carter, for being a submitted vessel getting God's kingdom into our hearts and minds each time you stream a message or prayer meeting. It's a lifeline for me and I'm sure many more. I hope there is a knock on my door this Christmas season, and that I have the wisdom and power of the presence of God on my life to make a difference. Praise God for TSC and its godly leadership.

  4. Adam Jewell   •  

    Words cannot describe how much Jesus Christ has changed my life, and the lives of my family members through your ministry. Since my accident I have had a lot of time on my hands, and I fill that time with the messages that God has given you to give us. Hours, upon hours, upon hours of messages, and you better believe I share them with as many people as I can, both in my family, and those I preach to online.

    I hope to one day meet you face to face to tell you all the wonderful things that God has done through you in my life. Maybe next time that you are heading through Maine to head back to Canada maybe God will allow our paths to cross.

    I love you brother Conlon...

    • carter conlon   •  

      thanks so much for your words of appreciation, Adam. Means a lot to me that the Lord is touching lives like yours in such a positive way. blessings. Pastor Carter

  5. Robin Anderson   •  

    May God give me strength to answer the knock on the door with a humble loving spirit. After listening to this program I was reminded of all of the countless angels who responded to my own families needs along the way.This story reinforces our purpose. We must serve, however God leads us to.Pastor may God continue to bless you and yours this holiday season.

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