National Day of Prayer 2020

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
National Day of Prayer 2020

Join Pastor Carter Conlon for this all-new special that focuses on trusting God to bring an awakening to this nation.  What would it take for us to humble ourselves again, prayfully, in a day when Christians can be hated for telling the Truth?

As we mark this National Day of Prayer, the reminder is that no matter who is fighting against us, God is fighting for us … and God will always be in the majority!

For this important special, Pastor Carter is joined by his wife, Dr. Teresa Conlon (from Summit International School of Ministry) to call people from all over the nation to prayer, believing God to do what only He could do in this nation!


  1. Aida   •  

    Thank you Jesus. We are few yet so many and i am so thankful not to be alone in this world because of my sisters and brothers all over the world and I may pray to you Jesus and praise you with so many.
    In Jesus Christ name I pray Lord God May your will be done . Amen

  2. Deborah   •  

    May 7 Thank you Jesus for for your life and your holy spirit please perform Malachi 4:5-6 in our homes and nations change our hearts and minds and cause our hearts to turn back to you

  3. Ken   •  

    Love you, Pastor Carter! Lots of love and prayers coming your way from Nashville!

    • Mary Jeffers   •  

      Thank you Pastor Cater my prayers with as you step out by faith into the new beginning God is leading You are my Pastor as God said in his word I will give you pastor according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. I am a Canadian but enjoy visiting TSC.Be bless .

  4. Pearl Franke   •  

    I watch Times Square Church on live streaming. I live in North Jersey. Thanks for still being there during these difficult times.

  5. William Lopez   •  

    I thank God for TSC and Pastor David and all the Pastors and now Pastor Dilena. My question is why is there no membership? Woildnt that give the congregants a sense of belonging and make it easier to carry out Curch discipline? I know it's a big church but that's what makes belonging more illusive.

  6. Melecio-Pacheco Maria   •  

    Praying for (3) believers who have become obsessed with end-time prophecy from so-called watchman on the wall. Please pray that the Holy Spirit take their focus off of these programs and back on JESUS. Amen!
    Thank you.

  7. Terry Vandergulik   •  

    Blessing from Coruuna Ont,My husband and l visited TSC and l'm so thankful for the Holy Spirit leading us to a place that proclaims the truth of the Father&Jesus&Holy prayers&Love, and we look forward to more future visit ,singing and praying all the way,Mrs Terry Vandergulik

  8. Janice Klimchak   •  

    AmenPraying for our President and his Administration , For all our Nurses , Doctors & First Responders . Praying for the victims of Covid 19 & Prayers for their families

  9. Valerie Williams   •  

    HABAKKUK 3:2
    I've heard all about you, Lord. I am filled with awe by your amazing works. In this time of our deep need, help us again as you did in Years Gone by. And in your anger remember your mercy. Thank you Jesus!!!
    The Lord bless and keep you Pastor Carter and Pastor Teresa

  10. Deborah Bunk   •  

    Thank you for preaching the truth!

  11. Brother jackie   •  

    Thank you pastor.carter and dr.teresa for your focus , diligence and leading of the calling of GOD in your life and how you taught it to the world bless your generations to come on your side and mines as well . ME AND MY 3 SON'S HAVE UNITED IN THE PASS 6 YEAR'S BECAUSE OF OUR PAST MISBEHAVINGS

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