1. Deborah   •  

    Jesus start this work in my home in my family with my relatives ! Malachi 4:5-6 bring love to the roots of out family stop the divisions.

    • Molly Markwell   •  

      Thank you Pastor Conlon and TSC for your stand. Prayer is the key to everything. Every blessing on your ministry and church.

  2. Carolann Keleher   •  

    Thank you for this timely word Pastor Carter. I am convinced with all my heart that prayer is the heart beat of God for all that he requires us to do for Him. It is only in His strength & power that we can accomplish his will in our lives. Praying with you, Carolann Keleher

  3. Mary Carey   •  

    Jesus , Lord and Savior, Come into our hearts and heal this awful world of hatred and selfishness.

  4. Tim Virkler   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter Conlon for your ministry. Our family streams messages each week (Ansonia, CT). You are bold and truly doing the work of God in this generation. The TSC messages are timely and anointed. Each week we supplement our church messages with TSC sermons. God bless you.

  5. Soo   •  

    Los sigo desde Argentina.
    Con dificultades con el inglés. Hay posibilidades de que los audios sean doblados al español?
    Con amor en Cristo

    • Luly   •  

      Saludos. Nos bendice saber que nos sigue de Argentina! Deseamos en el 2020 poner la traduccion simultanea en nuestro sitio.

  6. Stanley Alsip   •  

    If God is for us, no weapon formed against us will prevail!!!!!!!!

  7. Brian   •  

    God spoke to me through this message! My wife and I have eight children at home and for years I’ve felt God calling me to something beyond my career as a mechanic, not sure what, but I’ve always thought “I can’t do it.”

    Well, God can! And I am starting with renewed devotion to daily family prayer.

  8. Ann marie   •  

    Praise God

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