More Healings

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
More Healings

Here at Times Square Church in New York City, we gather to pray every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:30PM Eastern Time. It’s called Worldwide Prayer. People are joining us live on the Internet from over 175 countries. I am amazed at how God is healing people through prayer. Here’s a few examples:

From Alton, Illinois, “Praise the Lord, God bless all of you for your prayers. I was told today by a pulmonologist that I had no more COPD.”

Here’s Alexis from Middletown, “Praise the Lord: my wife went from stage 3 breast cancer to a clean bill of health. God is awesome, thank you TSC for your prayers, I am forever grateful.”

And Tony from Toronto, “I asked for prayer 2 weeks ago for my friend Jerry who had cancer in his bones. He had an MRI, and he is completely cancer-free. He is back home tonight. To God be all the glory.

Remember everybody, it’s time to pray.


  1. Melissa Mullins   •  

    Need prayer for healing from wreck I had almost 7 months ago. It broke my back. We also need healing for my husband that is recovering from surgery. We are both not able to work at this time. I also ask prayer for my lost son Devin. There are other needs, but Jesus knows them all. Thank you and God bless!!!

  2. Carmen   •  

    I need prayer for a hernia. I am 75 yrs old and am petrified of having surgery. Please pray that The Lord will heal it through the Holy Spirit

  3. Shannon Plunkett   •  

    Please pray for my health issue
    (Female area issues)
    Over 10 years
    Thank u

  4. Evelyn   •  

    My uncle introduced myself, my husband and family members to a church that turned out to be a cult. My husband and I are out however the trauma had a toll and my husband and I separated and he became violent. My family and others have been divided, ex-communicated and family members cut all contact with us. My brother committed suicide 4 weeks ago. Please pray off this cult, deliverance for my husband and that Jesus comforts us like never before as my family is devastated my brother took his life.

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