More Healings

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
More Healings

People are getting jobs, addicts are being delivered, and marriages are being healed; those are just some of the many miracles that we are experiencing during our Worldwide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday night at 7PM. Join us here in New York City or online, and have your faith stirred as we hear the wonderful miracles that God is doing around the world.

Let me share just a couple of them with you: here’s somebody from Pennsylvania, “My mom’s lips and cheeks were swollen. The doctor didn’t know why. She couldn’t eat. In the hospital for 2 days, was praying and thought to submit a request; after 4 days the issue was resolved. Thank you Times Square Church and praises to our good God.”

And here from the Bronx, “My nephew in Trinidad had a stroke. His entire left side couldn’t move. I put in a prayer request for his healing, and a week later, not only healed but he was able to run. Praise Jesus.” We bless God with you too.

Remember folks, it’s time to pray!

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  1. Tony limo   •  

    I hope it works , I need miracles in my life

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