More Freedom

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
More Freedom

I really feel compelled again today to share with you what God has been doing through the prayers of His people in our prayer meeting here in New York on Tuesday night.

Listen to this praise report: “I wanted to know what the Holy Spirit is and also what is God’s opinion about smoking weed. I got both questions answered. He took away all the desire to get high and I don’t even miss it!”

Winnipeg, Canada: “Thanks for praying! I’ve been delivered from deep depression, insomnia is gone, my appetite is back, my house is clean. Indeed He is great, a most wonderful God!”

From the Bronx: “Unexpectedly, God set me free from over 14 years of bondage, severe anxiety and fear.”

Denver, Colorado: “Thank you, Lord! You ended my son’s bondage with smoking and sexual addiction today. Thank you, Jesus.”

Beloved, it’s time to pray.

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    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

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