Miracles of Healing Are Happening

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Miracles of Healing Are Happening

God is doing some wonderful things as we pray together with people from over 160 nations every Tuesday night. Listen to these miracles of healing.

From the Bronx: “Thank you, Lord, for healing Carlos after 15 years and allowing him to walk after 15 years of sickness. Miracles do happen!”

Here’s Pastor Vijay from India: “I was in the intensive care unit. The doctors said there was no hope. The cancer has spread. My church wrote to Times Square Church for prayer. It’s been two weeks; I’ve been touched by God, and I’m on my way home from the hospital. Thank you for praying!”

And Donna from Raleigh, North Carolina: “Thank you, Pastor Carter and Times Square Church, for praying for Jack for healing. The very next day, Jack received Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior, and this Sunday, He went home to be with the Lord. Our God heals!”

It’s time to pray.


  1. Ibrahim Kimani   •  

    Praise God pastor and Times square church.
    Am requesting you pray for me for financial breakthrough in my life. I also want to start ministry in Nairobi, pray for me to have God's favour and resources to start by 2017. God bless you.

    Ibrahim Kimani from Kenya Nairobi.

  2. Elvira   •  

    Please include my children in your prayers, that God will deliver my oldest C.J. and Use them both for his kingdom. That God will bring peace to our family. Thank you.
    Their names are Clifford and Michael. Also give be strength in this trial. My name is Elvira. Thank you.

  3. Elvira   •  

    Pastor Carter Conlon is a great pastor. I listen to you all least three times a week on YouTube.
    God has given you great wisdom. Keep up the good work.

  4. charles packwood   •  

    Please pray for Ellie Walton. Child fighting cancer. Believe with me for a miracle! Thank you.

  5. joyce   •  

    Pls pray for me stage 4 lung cancer.
    My daughter stold from me, waiting for me to die so she could take what ever money i have.
    Her name is Joyann. salvation
    Thank you

  6. Elena   •  

    Good day Pastor Conlon please do continúe prayers for us,still no where to live but I am gratefull but bring me close to God thru all my trouble..desperately need a place to rent don't dear But I hold on to faith
    God will God can get me a place to rent. got to wait on God..please Lord here my prayers be here close when I find where to move ....amen.

  7. Elena   •  

    May your hearts be encouraged do not know what others go through but All can call on jesus!
    God feed the hungry give grace to be humble,meet us where we are
    Give us strength to hold on ....God help me be as you would have me to be in.jesus mighty name.

  8. Elena   •  

    HeavenlyFather please help my friend Pamela trust in God he can look at you since he knows everything about you bless her never be afreed of the college power .God heal all the grande this look like not where you can call now
    Continué to pray for those who know not God ley them be Knightley in jesus name.thankyou

  9. Elena   •  

    May the Lord bless all those who need a breakthrough just ley us keep praying know That God loves praise be prayerfully keep all in mind who truly need a blessing be ir a Job,a wife,a husband or just a roof over your head,or those who truly desire a closer walk pray and God will move as His devine will don't give up on me jesus!

  10. Elena   •  

    Remember those people who need desperately a Job...healing for those who need healing....a home a apartment for those who have no.home...my home was burn down still corrumption there The Lord rebuke Satán for them Stadily making my situation bad but my God shall help me they are doing evil but I will repay saith the Lord

  11. Neil koni   •  

    Please pray for healing for my back. I can't do evangelism now due to severe back pain! Also I am almost deaf so healing for my back and ears please!

  12. Dorothy Long   •  

    Please pray for a dear friend (John C.) of mine who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

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