Miracles in a Strange Place

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Miracles in a Strange Place

The book of Acts chapter 27 and part of 28 tell us about a society that was thrust into a sudden storm, and they ended up in a strange place. Their survival had been solely by the grace of God through the prayers of a self-sacrificing man by the name of Paul. In the midst of what must have been a terrifying situation for many, the miracles of God began to abound again.

My friends, we’ve got to pray like we’ve never prayed before. Our society is headed on a trajectory that is going to lead us in a situation with which we are not familiar. People’s hearts will begin to open, but we’ll find ourselves powerless if we have not been a people of prayer.

It’s time for the miracles of God to begin to abound again, the healing of those who have no way out, the strength that God gives to those who have no strength. Let’s begin to pray.

It’s time to pray. Join us live Tuesdays for our worldwide prayer meeting at wwpray.org.

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    Thank you Pastor Carter, for being a true shepherd leading, guiding, and preparing the church for the dark days that lie ahead of us. You are as Joshua was in the Old Testament leading us towards our True Home in Heaven. We love and appreciate you, and we pray that the Lord will keep you and His holy remnant faithful, prepared and waiting with oil in our lamps waiting with great expectation for our Bridegroom to come for His Bride May the Lord continue to bless you, the elders,the pastors, and the ministry He has placed in your hands.

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