Message for Grandpa

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Message for Grandpa

Last Tuesday night here at Times Square Church in our online Worldwide Prayer Meeting at 7PM Eastern Time, there was a very, very special prayer request came in quite unexpectedly to me, and it read something like this, “Please pray tonight for Pastor Carter that he would preach well, he is my Papa” and it was signed by one of my grandsons that lives in Pennsylvania who is 8 years of age.

It so blessed my heart to know that God had led my grandson to be part of the online Worldwide Prayer Meeting, and that somehow my voice can make a difference and will make a difference in his life. Grandpas and dads that are out there, it really makes a difference now how you live your life–how you choose to conduct yourself in front of your families. Above everything, get the strength that God needs to give you to make difference, remember with me today for you and I it’s time to pray!


  1. Claribel Medina   •  

    Dear pastor Carter,what a great devotional! Thanks for all you share & provide for so many people around the world outside your congregation in NY. You are making a difference in us! I’m thankful for you & TSC. May the Lord continue to keep you & your family in every area as He uses you. His power is over you! I ask for prayer for my house, for my husband & adult children, my marriage, our family altar, salvation for one of my sons, constant holiness, truth, deliverance, love, joy, peace......

  2. Sandra   •  

    Amen, it's amazing how God can touch a baby bless you Pastor Carter.

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