May Heaven Record Our Voices

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
May Heaven Record Our Voices

Luke chapter 23 verse 34: “Then Jesus said, ‘Father forgive them for they do not know what they do,’ and they divided his garments and cast lots.

The hour was late. The day would soon come to an end. The sun was going to become dark, and the earth would soon shake. As Isaiah the prophet once said, ‘fearfulness has surprised the hypocrites.’ Only one voice is recorded crying out for the forgiveness of an indifferent society which is about to pass through a very fearful time.

As our days grow darker, may heaven record that our voices join that of Christ, asking for mercy on a society so blinded to its own imminent peril. God answered His prayer for you and I. May He now answer ours for those who still need to be forgiven.

It’s time to pray!


  1. Paola   •  

    I have just been praying and asking for that before I read this message here! "Father please forgive my daughter for she doesn't know what's she doing". She says she doesn't believe any more, she is 16 now, I pray for her every day so she will be a girl for God!! It seems just yesterday for me when she was a little girl going to her Sunday school praising with such a joy and sweet voice!

    • Thomas Holland   •  

      I have saved this It's Time to Pray waiting for the day I would feel well enough to make a reply to you. I will continue to pray for your daughter when I'm praying for my 3. Just like you, my 3 daughters were all believers and followers of our Lord. The oldest, 20 and the other 2 are 15. I will pray with you every day for these 4 who have been decided by the world. The Lord will not turn His back on us and one day we will all be rejoined together with our Lord.

  2. Thomas Holland   •  

    Pastor Conlon, todays It's Time To Pray devotional feels ever so close to home. A couple of hours ago here in Stockholm we witnessed a terror attack in the heart of our city. It may have been done by an Islamic Jihad person. As Christians, we must stand strong with our Lord Jesus Christ. Regrettably, this will occur more frequently. It's time to pray for them as well.

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