Marvelous Healings

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Marvelous Healings

We all need encouragement in prayer, and we are being encouraged as we are seeing God answer prayers during our Worldwide Prayer Meeting in New York City at Times Square Church every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. Join with us here at Times Square Church or online. God is answering prayers.

Here’s Mary from London, Great Britain, “Baby Noah is well and home after a heart problem, and is out of the hospital. Thank you Jesus and Glory to God.” Thank you Mary for letting us know.

And yesterday I got a wonderful letter from a lady in Canada who told me that her daughter, not in ours, but in another prayer meeting, who was born blind in one eye. The children gathered around they began to pray, the leaders prayed in a youth camp, and God gave back the sight that was never there in her eye, and she began to see from a blinded eye.

It’s time to pray!


  1. Lorna   •  

    Please pray for me my home is in foreclosure and I don't have any money to pay. I need a miracle from God.

  2. Claribel   •  

    Dear Pastor Carter, I am so grateful for you & TSC. Many of the prayer requests I’ve send have been answered & the others I know are on the way while God continues to work in our lives. Please pray for our family. For my husband to be strengthened, refreshed & renewed in every area. For me to be the woman In God’s plans when He created me & for our children who are 27, 26 & 22. God’s help in the areas we need transformation, ordering our house according to Him & our son (26) to come back to Jesus.

  3. hyuga   •  

    please pray for me. I have been counting on a new job promise that was supposed to be fulfilled toward the emd of last month but is still in the workings. Without an answer I will have to survive this month with less than a 3rd of the salary I had last month. Please pray for God's provision over my life and family

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