Marriages Are Being Healed

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Marriages Are Being Healed

Here in New York City at our online prayer meeting every Tuesday night, Jesus Christ is doing some wonderful things. Marriages are being healed.

From California, someone writes in: “My husband, unknown to me, made a promise to God to be a godly husband and love me like Jesus does. I’m so amazed at how different he is! Only God could do this.”

From Washington: “An awesome miracle of my salvation and the healing of my marriage. We’ve seen God’s love and forgiveness pouring out and washing us. Forgiving each other, making new commitment- all after fifty-two years of marriage.”

And from Canada: “I want to give praise to the one and only Lord Almighty; thank you, Jesus. I asked for my marriage to be restored from adultery. I can now say that the Lord is good, my husband and I are walking with God.”

My brother, my sister, it’s time to pray.


  1. Minna Kastikainen   •  

    Hi, I ask you to pray for my marriage... hard times... my husbend has another woman, but I still believe that God has everything in control and our marriage will be ok. But I'm so tired because I have pray 18 years that my husbend come to Jesus again.... We have been marriage for 25 years...

    I'm woman from Finland


    • Crystal   •  

      Do not give up! Stand in the Gap for your husband, you may be the only one who will. Trust God and not your don't know what God is doing in the supernatural. Let God do His work and you do yours in the prayer closet. Blessings

  2. Anonymous   •  

    Minna. This must be so awful for you. Praying that God will clearly lead. Lord break the ungodly union and lead all to repentance. Lord you know the man's heart whether he loves sin more than obeying the voice of the Lord. Lord please shout in his ears for him to stop sinning.

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