Living With Terror

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Living With Terror

In the light of the recent events that have just happened here in America where we have experienced the largest mass shooting by a single shooter in Orlando, Florida-an act that has been described as terrorism-it’s so important for you and I as believers in Christ to understand from a biblical perspective how we are to respond, what we are to do. How can we make a difference in the future that’s before us?

It’s so important to recognize that we have been left in this world as lights in a darkened time. And as people who have the power of God within us to make a difference, even when so many around are living with fear, we are not to be afraid. God is going to take us, use us as catalysts for good.

Please listen with a good heart and intent ear today, and let the Spirit of God touch you as you listen to this radio devotional.


  1. Shelia Brown   •  

    Wonderful words of encouragement!

  2. Robin Anderson   •  

    There is joy in my heart. We are being led by the true shepherd of God, Pastor Carter. Thanks be to God for obedience , faith and truth. Why worry when I can pray.His name is above all names. Jesus, Jesus, my sweet Jesus.

  3. paul burke   •  

    dear Pastor Carter, thank you for this message.

  4. Kelly   •  

    Wow! What an encouraging and convicting word, Pastor Conlon. Thank you so much! I'm reading an inspiring little book called Psalm 91: God's Shield of Protection and much of what you said complemented what I've been reading in my book. Because I have a son in the Army Reserves I'm reading the military edition but the book is filled with miracles of God's protection in both civil and military life.The Lord is Alive and on His throne today.Your message has confirmed even more that I need to be in the Secret Place of the Most High and seek the King of kings like never before on behalf of my family, community, and nation. May God Bless America with a revival that will turn our hearts to Him again!!! Thanks again.

  5. Anne   •  

    Thank you for being diligent to fast and pray and be that Shepherd to so many locally and online

  6. Deborah   •  

    Psalms 91 lord Jesus fill me with this truth surround me and let me bring this to others

  7. Mel   •  

    Thank you pastor for a very powerful message, You deliver this message on what would have been my earthly father's birthday, he has since left to be with the Lord in 2001. This is a much needed message in this day and time of trials and tribulations. Praise you oh Father for these words of encouragement, and strength! Amen. May God Richly Bless you pastor and all our brothers & sisters Always.

  8. Frida   •  

    Dear Pastor Carter,everyday I pray on the train,entering work and on the way home. I pray in the morning and evening.People call me for prayers for the sick.My best time is when I talk to God as a Friend,thank Him for all He has done for me. He truly is my Savior! Thank you for your message! Palsm 91 my favorite. I believe it is time to pray and my Lord is stronger than all on this earth.Gods will be done.

  9. Charles Chauveheid   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for this encouraging work. I am really inspired in hearing you preach, Sunday after Sunday, as a member of the worldwide online community, and the more I hear you (or someone from the staff of TSC) preaching, the more I wanna be living and powerful testimony to this generation of WHO GOD is. Unfortunately, when I look at my life today, I see no testimony, I meant to impact, salt and enlighten my generation and sphere of influence, but I see nothing of that. I have to admit I am mostly filled with fear, doubts, insecurities, discouragements. Blessings in JESUS and SHALOM!

  10. Chukwu Isioma Doris   •  

    I am so blessed. I am trusting God to rebuild all areas of my life. I want to be totally filled with all the fullness of God.
    This is my greatest heart's desire

  11. Elaine Bennett   •  

    A timely word indeed,thank you for the message of hope,and to trust God,because He is in control.Our times are in Gods hands this is a truth the Lord has by faith put in my heart and mind.No matter where God leads us to go,and what to say and do....He is with us,....If God be for us who can be against us.Trust and pray,allow God to pour out our lives for others...and know God will continue to pour into us with His love ,grace ,strength to stand and to be lead to do His will for His glory.Bless you.

  12. Lynn Donaghy   •  

    Thank you so much reminding us that God is in control and that He uses those who are week. I was really encouraged to continue to stand, He is so faithful. Death has no fear and no sting. I will be praying I know this is the answer for the times we are now living in. May God be glorified in our lives.

    We love you Carter

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