Let the Weak Rise up Again!

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Let the Weak Rise up Again!

Psalm 77, verse 20 gives us such tremendous hope. It says, “You led Your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.” I believe that the more hopeless this world becomes, the more it unveils an unconsidered hope-which is that God uses the weak and foolish things of this world to expose the bankruptcy of natural, arrogant, human strength and wisdom.

May God grant us the weak again to lead us into His strength-men and women, who know their limitations and their need of Christ. The age of superstars leading the church of Jesus Christ has come to an end-thank God! May the Lord give us, again, shepherds that are after His own heart.

On your part and my part, it’s time to pray.


  1. kenneth mcginniss   •  

    This morning prayer and encouragement word has spoken to my heart. Thank you Lord.

  2. Donna Jean Jones   •  

    I attend the Salvation Army services each week, but nothing can compare to the truth and inspiration of your sermons and ministries. Please pray that I can be a part of your ministry. I visit you on you-tube and now on my e-mail for devotionals.

    Thank you
    Donna Jean Jones

  3. Paola   •  

    Lord give me wisdom, patience and love to guide all my family to your feet Jesus!

  4. Esther Magloire   •  

    Thank you thank you Jesus! thank you pastor Carter for everything that you do by God's grace <3

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