Jump Start Your Prayer

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Jump Start Your Prayer

Prayer can sometimes be neglected in our walk with Jesus. Let us help you jumpstart your prayer life. Join us every Tuesday at 7PM here in New York City, or join us online for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. This time of prayer has been such an encouragement to so many who are joining us, over 180 countries now. We are seeing God answer prayers and calling us to pray for the needs of others. Here’s a couple of victories.

From New York, “I attended TSC one Tuesday night as an elderly woman was praying for me at the altar, I asked her to pray for me for a blood issue, and I got healed.”

And here’s Barbara from Ohio, “I was in great pain, sitting standing and walking. You prayed with me last Tuesday, and today I am free of pain and off of crutches. Thank You Jesus, and thank you Lorraine for telling us about your victory.

It’s time to pray.

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  1. Torill   •  

    I'm from Norway and I`d like to hear Carter Colon. The last day I've heard your testimony. One of my children is tired of school and doesn't have a true Christian friend. Will you pray for him? For the others need good friends and something to change at school. But my family is having a very hard time. I and my little children want to go to another different church, because of we got food there. Please Pray for us.

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