Job Wanted Out

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Job Wanted Out

The book of Job, chapter 6, beginning at verse 8. “Oh that I might have my request, that God would grant me the thing that I long for, that it would please God to crush me, that he would loose his hand and cut me off; then I would still have comfort.” Jesus once spoke of a coming time when even the most resolute among us would begin to lose heart.

It’s highly possible that we are in the beginning of those days, when those who truly love God will begin to suffer. In the midst of his suffering, Job wanted out. He failed to understand that his perseverance under trial would encourage multitudes for thousands of years. In the days ahead many will be watching you, hold fast. The perseverance of your faith in times of difficulty is a precious gift for those who will soon be at the end of their strength. It’s time to pray.


  1. Eva   •  

    Thank you for yet another blessed word !
    I live in Finland, and listen to many of the T.S.C. meetings, and also from Springs Church. I thank God for the honest, straight forward Word of God ( coming from His heart) ,that is preached in both churches. It means so much that each sermon and daily devotional is prepared with sincere prayer and the Lord´s guidance. I´ve learned to trust the pastor´s there, and am so thankful to Jesus for you! Ofcourse we still all need to judge everything we hear by God`s word (bible), as you often remind us... :)
    Unfortunately the pastors (atleast most of them, most of the time, if I put it nicely) of the church I belong to (pentecostal) are not able to feed it´s members with such Spirit filled is so very sad :( There are some of us that clearly feel the same way, feeling that it´s just a very shallow word, or then a highly " intellegent" sort of speaking that you get after years of studying and becoming a bachelor of this and doctor of that. I sense very strongly that there is no real prayer and preparation, or maybe there is, but the hearts are not in a position they should be in....I pray for the pastors and elders of our church, that´s all I can do. Meanwhile, I am blessed to find "food" listening to sermons from your church.
    Also, we have realized with a few friends, that "church" is where even 2 or 3 true believers gather together, and commune and pray together, and carry each others burdens :) Right? We are not bitter towards our church or its pastors or anyone, just sad...and praying.
    God just miraculously saved my 25 year old son this summer, after years of waiting and praying, and trusting him to God. He was involved in occultism, drugs , alcohol, you name it.God literally had to strip him of everything and put him on his knees, as he was lost on the streets of Paris, with no money, no contacts, no language skills, no phone, he was LOST literally, as God (and His angel armies) did quite a few MIRACLES to save him ....this all has renewed many of my family members faith and continues to bless us and remind us of Gods power! He was able to quit all drugs, and smoking and drinking just like that!! Once and for all, Praise Jesus!! :D
    Sorry for the long "comment" ! :)

    God Bless you all!!!

  2. Yolanda Nadal   •  

    Thanks Pastor Conlon for so many encouragement may God continue to bless you and your family and beautiful congregation amen

  3. Anonymous   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter for this devotional and Sunday's sermon. I have been crying for over 18 months because I felt that I had done exactly that, taken a wrong turn somewhere, where God wasn't leading me and I often feel like Job because I too have lost everything my husband, my children, my job, and my home. My days are filled with chronic pain in total isolation (except when streaming TSC live Sunday's and Tuesday's) If someone visits I hear them say things like Job's miserable friends did so even my trust in Jesus is under attack by well meaning people. Regardless of what happens I know God is Faithful, Jesus is holding unto my hand, and Holy Spirit will continue to guide me. God bless you pastor and thank you

    • Thomas   •  

      Reading your comment was like looking in the mirror. I too have lost everything except for our Lord Jesus. I don't know why I was allowed to get stage 4 terminal prostate cancer. And then, just when I received a miracle cure of this death sentence, I got hit with a second cancer. A rare form of leukemia (ALL Ph+) with a survival rate of 25%. And with the help of God I managed to survive this cancer as well. But both of the cancers caused so much damage to my body it looks like I'll never be able to work again. And because of the financial hardship this has caused my family my wife of 20 years now says she wants a divorce. So, no good health, no job for several years and now no wife. And she says she wants full custody of our 3 daughters because I'm not well enough to take care of them. But you and I are surely blessed since we have our Lord and Savior Jesus. Thank God our Father in heaven for this.

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