Jesus You’ve Done It Again

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Jesus You've Done It Again

In our worldwide prayer meeting here in New York City every Tuesday night, we pray together at 7 o’clock, Eastern Time. God is healing people in a marvelous way. Now here are just a few examples.

From Rootstown, Ohio, somebody says, “I asked for prayer for Ed who had prostate cancer. Praise God, no cancer!” Thank you for sharing that with us.

From Richard, in Farmington, Maine: “Ann Marie on October 10th had a fast-moving cancer. November 2nd, doctors found her cancer-free! Thank you, Jesus, so much! Jesus, You’ve done it again! Praise God!”

And from County Louth, in Ireland: “Thank God for Caroline; she’s out of the hospital. Thank God for all of you at Times Square Church. You have no idea the blessing that you are. God continue to bless and protect the work there and example. God bless. Thank you.”

It’s time to pray.

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  1. Maria Fernanda   •  

    Thanks beloved God for blessing us so much with this heavenly model prayer meeting. It truly is a blessing. Now I understand that the church is one and you are our head. Bless all the mighty men and women at time square church. We love you Lord from everywhere in the world. Thanks you Lord for using the lives of my brothers and sisters to learn more about you and the need of others.

    FromLima, Peru

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