Jesus Healed Him

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Jesus Healed Him

It’s exciting and encouraging to see how God is answering prayers around the world. Join us every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern Time here in New York City or online for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting, and have your faith strengthened as you see God’s hand moving in other people’s lives including your own. Here are some examples:

“Thank you God for healing my Uncle Scott, and bringing perfect health and joy into his life. You have already healed his vision, and we are so grateful.”

Here’s one from Montana, “Thanks be to God for healing a missionary with Lyme disease symptoms. God can do miracles, and healed her completely. Thank you for faithful prayer.”

From Orlando, Florida, “Due to previous losses to dengue fever among our relatives, I requested prayer for 8-year-old Brevan who was sick with the same disease; thank you Times Square Church, Jesus healed him.”

It’s time to pray.


  1. Evens Morency   •  

    My God blesse you

    Thank you so much

  2. Celia Faconti   •  

    Please pray for my cousin Steve Horvath who just had surgery to remove two cancerous tumors on his spine. He is in a wheelchair and getting physical therepy to strengthen his legs so he can walk again. He is 65 years old and two months ago was going to the gym four times a week. I pray that God grants him his quality of life he once knew.

  3. Gail   •  

    Please pray for a MIRACLE Dee who is in hospice. May the Lord heal her so that all the Glory and Honor be given to Him, the Lord of Glory!

  4. a   •  

    Please help me pray I have a bump on my wrist, and its starting to hurt more. Please that God will remove it.

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