Jesus Has Not Changed

Psalm 44, beginning at verse 1: “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, the deeds You did in their days, in days of old…They did not gain possession of the land by their own sword, nor did their own arm save them; But it was Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of your countenance, because You favored them.” In Psalms, chapter 77, verse 5 the writer says, “I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient times.

We would do well to consider today how God has answered prayer throughout history. The recorded stories speak of mercy, miracles, power, even authority over the wind, the waves and the sun. And it was all for God’s people who prayed, for protection and for victory. In the darkness of today, it would be indeed wise to consider that Jesus has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Pat   •  

    These daily devotionals are a true Blessing from Our Father in heaven. They are absolutely wonderful and so very much needed. God Bless you and a heartfelt thank you for preparing and sharing these messages with us. To Our Father and His Son Jesus Christ be the Glory forever.

  2. Chris Robinson   •  

    So true God has not changed and Luke 19 still remains the reason why God came now the Victory of this lies in our hands so have fun theirfore going as God leads you 2Corinthians 6:2 1Peter 1:9 of God AMEN!!!

  3. Shelia Brown   •  

    Thank you, Pastor Carter, for all your encouragement for us to grow in our faith. My prayer now is Isaiah 61:11...The Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all nations.
    Let it be so from America! Blessings

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