Jesus Calmed the Storm

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Jesus Calmed the Storm

Here at Times Square Church in New York City, we gather to pray every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:30PM Eastern Time. It’s called Worldwide Prayer. People are joining us live on the internet from all over the world. You’d be amazed at their answers.

From California, “I asked prayer for my daughter and my family’s protection while sailing with Gaston raging on the Atlantic Ocean. Praise the Lord. Jesus still calms the storm. They’re a few miles left from arriving safe. Thank you for your prayers.” And again here in Brooklyn, New York City. “I went to counseling for almost two years seeking answers and healing, but it didn’t help. A month ago what took years, God did in a moment. He brought freedom and deliverance. Only God could do this. I am amazed.” We are amazed with you, and we thank God for such a great report. Remember everybody, it’s time to pray.


  1. Charlotte   •  

    I love these daily postings.

  2. Vitality Matveyev   •  

    I love hearing this daily prayers, I feel so lift it up.

  3. Peggy Rigby   •  

    God has done amazing things for me too! But even without His answers to prayer, which are faithful and many, God is amazing!

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