It’s Time to Stop Resisting God

Today, I want to remind you; it’s time for people to stop trying to serve God by their strength and allow God to empower each one of us. Let’s let God do what He wants to do. It’s time for you and me to stop resisting God. Let us stop trying to justify wrong and calling it right and let the Holy Spirit put a new law in our hearts.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to rewrite His law in our hearts, we start having the desire to push old things away. God will give us the power to push away those things we once indulged in, and we will never look back at them again.

We’ll start being done with bitterness, done with depression, done with darkness, done with the Devil reminding us of our old failures. We’ll leave our past, and we’ll start proclaiming our new life in Christ Jesus. We’ll begin to speak with our mouths, the things that God is doing in our hearts.

My brother and my sister, it’s time to pray.

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