It’s Time to Pray

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
It's Time to Pray

I feel compelled again to talk today about what God is doing in our Tuesday Night prayer meetings. If you’ll take the time to pray, these can be your story as well.

From Toronto, Canada: “Praise the Lord! I am free from self-loathing. I have stopped believing the lie that I am worthless and no good. Jesus loves me; that’s all that matters now. God bless you all.”

Listen to this one from South Carolina: “God delivered me from anxiety, fear and thoughts of suicide.”

And again from Canada: “Vanessa, 18, was cutting herself and was depressed and suicidal. Jesus touched her. She surrendered her life and is now reading her Bible, attending church and preaching to lost teens.”

Glory to God, these are amazing testimonies! God is doing this through prayer.

My friend, it’s time to pray.


  1. Anne Dorthe   •  

    Yes! Our Father show great interest and compassion for one individual son and daughter! I have been so blessed this year BECAUSE I have been open and share my quarrels and fight in my inner girl! Interseeding for someone is the greatest love of all!

  2. Anonymous   •  

    I agree with you Anne,
    What a great blessing it is to stand in the gap with so many people who are crying out to God for salvation, knowledge of who Jesus is or if God is real. As we open the Prayer Request page on this site our loving Father invites us to intercede with His Son Jesus. Who Himself stands before God making intercession for us. Jesus, who does not want anyone to perish, but to come unto salvation and have everlasting life in Him. It is my prayer and desire of my heart that more people who know Jesus, who have been blessed with salvation, that have been set free, that know the marvelous power of prayer; and enjoy having a personal relationship with Jesus; would accept with gladness of heart, considering it an honor; that Holy invitation from Jesus to pray for others. It is so true what you have stated, Anne, praying on behalf of those who are crying out to God, perhaps for the very first time publicly; in their loneliness, despair due to unemployment, illness, abandonment, mental distress, homelessness, the dissatisfaction in their own lives, or the life of those around them, the disappointment of trusting in others, or following after false gods, wanting with all their heart to change from the inside but finding it impossible to do in and of themselves, is truly the greatest love of all that we as followers of Jesus can show to people everywhere in these troubled times. Whether we stand in prayer with Jesus on behalf of those who know Him and need us to agree with them in prayer or those who want to know Him and need us to pray for them and with them. Always rejoicing with those whose prayers have been answered. Praising God with them for the faithfulness of Jesus in answer to their prayers. These praise reports encourage those that are praying similar prayers.

    Pastor Carter's call to Pray As We Have Never Prayed Before must not fall on deaf ears. It Is An Urgent Call from our pastor; who has heard and obeyed the call from the Lord to pray. A call extended to us in love. A call we must respond to. Obediently and in true humility of heart.
    We Must Pray

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