It’s Only the Beginning

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
It's Only the Beginning

We count it a privilege to be part of a Worldwide Prayer Meeting. What an awesome time we live in as we are seeing the faithfulness of God as He is answering our prayers. Join us as we pray together every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time in New York City, or you can stream the prayer meeting live on the internet and your faith with be encouraged as you see God moving.

Here are some examples: Jackie from Salem, New Hampshire said, ” A while back we asked for prayer for Dustin, who was drug-addicted. As of today, he’s going on 2 months clean and he’s seeking a relationship with Jesus.” Jackie, thank you so much for submitting that, we rejoice with you.

And here’s Sabrina from New Jersey, “Praise God, since I was 14-years-old I have dealt with depression. March 24th was the first day in 20 years where I had true joy and peace, and it’s only the beginning.” Jesus is able. Don’t give up.

It’s time to pray!

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  1. Alicia Brady Dickson   •  

    I believe YOU, YOUR holy Word, and YOU Holy Spirit, LORD, Father, Christ Jesus, Holy Spirit!!!!! AMEN.

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