Incredible Answers

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Incredible Answers

If you’re not praying with us on Tuesday night in our Worldwide Prayer Meeting here in New York City at Times Square Church, you are missing some incredible miracles that God could be doing for you. Let me give just a couple of examples.

Rose from New York says, “Jesus healed me when Pastor Carter asked us to stand up if we needed healing from depression. It feels like a dark shadow lost its power over me. It feels great.”

And here’s somebody from Melbourne, Florida, “After Jesus visited my Muslim sister in her dream in the Middle East, she now tells me, she has downloaded the Times Square Church app and a Bible. Please continue to pray for her salvation.” We will continue to pray.

Thank God for these incredible stories of God’s power being unleashed in your life. This is Carter Conlon, and remember you can join us at


  1. mark nabess   •  

    The Lord has brought me so far. I pray I can live up to his faith in me. I need prayer for neuropathy pain due to poisonous chemo drugs. Very difficult to tolerate lately. Over all prayer to have an annoiting by the Holy Spirit so that I may live in Spirit and in truth. To serve Wholy holy. Thank you.

    • Cindi   •  

      I hear your heart and agree with you about how you want to live wholly for the Lord with or without the physical pain. Yet I am asking for the painful burden of neuropathy to be lifted and that souls would come to know Jesus because of His work in your life.

  2. Ana   •  

    Please help me pray for God to send me a husband.

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