In My Opinion

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
In My Opinion

“Because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful; but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened professing to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:21).

There’s little as tragic as when societies who should’ve known better pursue a course which they feel to be wise though God clearly calls it foolish. With billions of people about to face the judgment seat of a holy God, we wander through our streets like blind men, seeking to save everything but our eternal soul. This present world’s focus would be laughable were it not so tragic.

In my opinion, there’s only one thing now left standing between this society and its journey off a nearest cliff. It’s a people who still know how to call out to a living God.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Kim Tejeda   •  

    What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

  2. Rosa Arsenault   •  

    Hi I'm from Campbellton N.B. Canada I just like to say how I enjoy listenning to your prayer night as I come back from our prayer night and to be able to hear as prayer continu on with you guys what a blessing GOD is so good and pastor Carter you know my pastors Glen and Mone Stephens.

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