I’m So Lonely

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
I'm So Lonely

In Psalm 102, verse 7, the psalmist says these words. “I lie awake, and I’m like a sparrow alone on a housetop.” The late song writer Hank Williams penned these incredible words in one of his songs: “Did you ever see a robin weep when leaves begin to die? That means he has lost the will to live. I’m so lonesome, I could cry.”

You know, even though this man had fame and fortune, these words came from an honest heart: he was a lonesome man. And so many people today are losing heart as well-some to the point of despairing at the thought of living for just one more day.

You and I can help. The bible says we can offer comfort to others by opening our heart to the comfort that God wants to give to us. This comfort comes to us when we begin to seek Him.

It’s time to pray.

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  1. Faiona Molliene Milwood   •  

    Today Pastor Carter I am the last to get a revelation about my field Music Therapy, but I am in a place with Christ I have not lost hope, faith or my belief in the Kingdom of God or humanity. The steps to come back where I belong is lonely, hostile, and full of unforgiving and deceptive people. Please pray for me that He separate me from the unforgiving, the hostile, and deceptive. Also pray for Kurt Masur's family and a promise I need to keep to him while he watch from heaven. Faiona Molliene Milwood

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