If You Need a Job, Pray

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
If You Need a Job, Pray

This is Carter Conlon. We have a wonderful Worldwide prayer meeting here in New York City every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time, and live online at itstimetopray.org. God is answering prayer. People are texting and writing in from everywhere telling us about their victories.

In particular, people are getting jobs, usually, very shortly after they start to pray. They’ve tried everything, but prayer suddenly brings about something of employment that they haven’t had in some cases for years.

Listen, from Washington, “I’ve been going to fruitless job interviews for 5 years. A week ago, I asked for prayer. I got hired yesterday at my dream job. Praise God that He hears.”

From Michigan, “Thank God, I submitted a prayer request for a job. Today I received an offer for $13,000 more than what I was making, great benefits, and only 10 minutes from home.”

If you need a job, this is Carter Colon reminding you, there’s one way to get one, it’s time to pray!


  1. WWR   •  

    I am at my end, 8 years of Jesus bringing me through grad school and residency and failing 1 exam has kept me out of my career since 2010 and I have been unemployed since with failed business attempts and I am desperate for a career it has been 8 years of failed attempts, I have two children a wife , praise Jesus I made it this far but how much longer Lord before it’s to late I am 47, I need something that will glorify God and restore my tithe and my life. I press on in faith with my small Seed

  2. Nathan   •  

    Dear Carter,

    Thank you gentleman for being kneely devoted in preach the Gospel.

    My wife and I visited Times Square Church several year ago, around 2007, in a David Wilkerson's Sunday service preach. God visited congregation I have no doubt, whatsoever!

    I am so far away from times square church, I live in Brazil, Sao Paulo city, but I hear on daily basis itstimetopray and as long as I am available, Tuesday night prayer meeting, as well.

    Keep going!!! Great job!!

    God is good!!!


  3. chris Robinson   •  

    Phil 4 on prayer and praise God He does answer in perfect timing 2 Thes 3:10-15 Work is good God designed it and knows our frames He meets all our needs in perfect timing never early or late thanks for another great word of encouragement AMEN!!!

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