If You Could Only See the Difference

Have you ever wondered what kind of a difference that your life could make? If you could only see the difference that your life could make. Some people will get to the throne of God one day, and only on that day will they finally have a vision of what their life could have been. If they would’ve just taken the path that God had set before them. If they would have refused to bow down to their struggles and saw something a little bit bigger than the place where they presently were.

I want to challenge you to get fed up with the place that you are in today. Pray that the Holy Spirit would put a fight in you to get out of that place and into the place that God has for you. It’s time to believe God for everything He has for your life. It’s time to believe God to be all that He’s calling both you and me to be. This is a kingdom of the supernatural. It’s a kingdom of the miraculous. You find it when you pray.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Samy,musso   •  

    Pastor carter ,I read your message of time to pray to God's Holy spirit to get out of the place to where God will put his people into a place . You know I've been praying for so many years in very small room that God would move me out to a bigger apartment.

  2. Chris Robinson   •  

    Great word that asks realy the ? Who will be the Joshuah Caleb take their promise land and by faith Hebrews 11 walk it out AMEN!!!

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