Healings From Depression

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Healings From Depression

This is Carter Conlon. I think we can all agree that we are living in difficult times, and that we all need to pray. You are welcome to join us here at Times Square Church or online Tuesday nights for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. People are sharing their needs, their hardships and how God is moving in their lives. God is answering prayers. Here are two examples:

From Virginia, “Praise God for last week’s service, I have been able to overcome a sense of despair and I’m moving forward again and reaching the goals that God has for me.”

And here’s Doris from Toronto, Canada, “I give God the glory for lifting this depression from me. Now I’m singing and praising the Lord every day. Thank you all for your prayers, God bless you.” God bless you Doris.

Thank you for sharing this with us, and if you’re suffering from depression, remember that Jesus still sets people free. This is Carter Conlon. It’s time to pray!


  1. chris Robinson   •  

    To get out of the lies and blues we must trust God and stand on His promises look at this prayer 1Chronicles 4:10 and let God bless you today will you pray all God is seeking is honest hearts who will pray to Him and the rest will be the best not early or late in Gods time perfect God can only answer a heart that will seek Him in prayer and thats Communion with God folks theirs nothing sweeter or better AMEN!!!

  2. Agnes Poire   •  

    I have been battling depression most of my life and want to be free from it

  3. Agnes Poire   •  

    Kristeen, Jazmin and Brandon

  4. Polonia Lopez   •  

    My name is Sis Paula
    I've relocated to P.A from NYC
    In hast running from gang violence which hurt my family deaply.
    It's been hard emotionally and financially. I resigned from my job in the Department if Education which I had for 15 years. I suffered with anxiety and Panic attacks.
    At one point I lost my faith. But Gods grace andlove brought me back to soley depending on him.
    Im healthy and strong and all my needs whete provided for my him.
    I know was blessed with a handsome paying job just min

  5. Polonia Lopez   •  

    I am a member of Times Square Church since 1989. I thank God for the best job for me. I start Tuesday.
    Hallalujah to Our God. He's never late.

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