Healings and Families

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Healings and Families

Healings in marriages and families are just some of the many miracles that we are experiencing during our Worldwide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. God is moving in a miraculous way.

Let me just share a couple of them with you, from California, Rosemarie says, “Requested prayer for an adult son who has little contact with us. On a recent visit, I was able to see him several times. Little by little the Lord is answering.” We are going to continue believing with you Rosemarie. Make sure you stay tuned with us in prayer, and let us know what God is going to do for you.

In Virginia, “Praise God, after last week, I prayed for God to come and visit my family, and already I’ve seen Him changing hearts and drawing all of us closer to Him.”

You can join us here in New York or live on the web. Visit itstimetopray.org.

This is Carter Conlon reminding you that every day it’s time to pray!


  1. Celia Faconti   •  

    Our 43 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Iga Nephropahthy (A kidney disease) Her name is Jessica and she is a mother of two, Elizabeth 16 and John almost 12. The road ahead is long but promising. Please pray that her doctors treatments work for her so she can live a quality life to worship our Lord.

  2. chris Robinson   •  

    By the power of the word of God He sent forth His word and healed our desies here is a couple examples Deut 8:3 Matt 4:4 So as we draw closer to God don't just watch take the calling of God and go forth in your Victory Gods perfect timing AMEN!!!! After all everything God dose is a miracle and He chooses to do them through willing vessels yes yes yes us AMEN!!!

  3. Sheilah   •  

    Pls pray for my sister Sharon and my brother Sheldon. My brother made up lies on Me and my sister who is a christisn believed the lies. She stopped tlkg yo me and the past year i struggled wth severe thts of suicide bec of the pain this rejection caused me. I became angry and said things i shld not hve said and i repented and told her i was sorry and demonstrated tht to her. Pls pray for reconciliation! And tht God wld pls vindicate me! Pray for my emtions bec its a daily fight 4 peace

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