Healing Power of God

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Healing Power of God

The book of Acts chapter 28 verses 8 and 9 tells us, “that when the storm was over, the hands of Paul became instruments of the healing power of God.

I believe that many in our time to come, will return to the first love of the church of Jesus Christ. You and I reaching out to the poor, bringing healing to the broken-hearted, opening prison doors to those that are bound, comforting the wounded, and leading many, many people out of darkness. Yes, I truly believe that some wonderful, wonderful days are soon to come.

I challenge you with all my heart to join me if you will in the closet of prayer. Talk to God. Pour out your heart before Him. Seek His strength while His strength still might be able to be found. And trust the Lord to stretch His hands of healing out through your life, and that you and I have an incredible opportunity in the days just ahead, to make a tremendous difference for good.

It’s time to pray.

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  1. Michele Tremblay   •  

    Thank you so much for your words which give hope to people especially those who don't know God.
    God and David Wilkerson must be so proud of you !

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