Happy New Place

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
Happy New Place

It’s not just a “Happy New Year” for 2018. Pastor Carter Conlon is suggesting we open our minds and hearts to a “Happy New Place” By opening ourselves to changes in the way we approach every-day life in tumultuous times, we can know, indeed it will be a happy New Year!


  1. Mira Ontto   •  

    Thank you Pastor Carter, Holy Spirit has been encouraging me through your sermons week after week now for few years. I'm grateful to God for leading me to follow tsc. May God bless your work in the world even more in becoming years. Mira from Finland

    • Shelia Brown   •  

      My words exactly!

  2. Rose DeLaCruz   •  

    Thank you so much

  3. Delores Darden   •  

    What a powerful message for these times. Thank you and God bless you Pastor Carter.

  4. Maria   •  

    Oh Lord we love you. Give us your strengh to overcome whatever opposes you. Give us your grace to reach out for all of those in deep need of you...all of those who don’t know you yet. Give us your mercy to forgive all that have mocked you and hurt us. Give us your faith to believe every word of your Word. Lord , give us your hope to wait for your comming and give us your love to love you until nothing can separate us from you. In the precious name of our savior
    JESUS... amen.

  5. Donna Deo-Ames   •  

    Beautiful word.I miss times Square church , but I am blessed I still hear the word from the Internet.
    Thank you

  6. Jerra jones   •  

    Wonderful message

  7. Terrance Barnhill   •  

    Thank you for doing nothing but encouraging people to pray.

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