God Will Make a Way

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Will Make a Way

Here in New York City, every Tuesday night, we pray together in a Worldwide Prayer Meeting at 7 o’clock Eastern Time. God is touching people’s lives in a marvelous way.

Here’s an example that really touched my heart today from a lady here in New York City called Sally. She says, “I suffered six years with depression and many suicidal thoughts, but God has blessed me with an amazing job and I’m healed. I lost my husband thirteen years ago without seeing him. I was away from my kids for thirteen years. I was severely depressed. I was finally able to fulfill his death wish and bring all of our children to the USA.”

Sally, we rejoice with you. And we do tell people and we do believe when there is no way, we serve a God that is faithful to open every door and make a way when we take the time to ask Him.

My brother, my sister, remember to pray. It’s time to pray.

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    God will make a way. Thank You Lord!

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