God Takes Imperfect People

For those who are older, some of you may be hurt. The previous generations didn’t have mentors as we now know them. I really wish I had someone who could have spoken to me about what I should or shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, though, most of us had to learn from our mistakes.

It’s easy to live a life of “if only” in our hearts because our life didn’t quite turn out as we expected it to. Whether it’s people who let you down or maybe you let someone down-children, family, loved ones-don’t let grief condemn your heart with the past any longer.

I’ve learned something over the years and it’s that in spite of what we’ve done, God is faithful and merciful. God takes imperfect people and does a miraculous work through us. Start trusting Him today and let Him bring healing and restore hope for tomorrow in your life.

Remember, it’s time to pray.


  1. patty kendall   •  

    Dear Pastor Conlon,
    Your message this morning was especially encouraging. I continue to pray for healing for my family.
    I have 3 adult children, 2 daughters and a son. They don't speak to each other over petty arguments, disappointments and unmet expectations. I pray with Hope.

  2. Debis Mendez   •  

    Praise the Lord for your life and for our lives. May our Lord continĂșes talking to us through you beloved Pastor.

  3. Army Mom   •  

    Thank you Jesus for this please under gird for my son who desperately needs genuine christian men to come along side of him he's going through a divorce his pastor was removed for adultery and he is unemployed due to lay offs

  4. DM   •  

    Jesus Please in Mercy send laborers and true pastors to Alaska there is so much adultery and deadness in the body here and many have quit going and are vulnerable

  5. ..   •  

    Please send your angels to my daughter who is isolated wandering putting herself in danger both sexually and with her life she has a 10 year old

  6. Anne H   •  

    Jesus I'm 56 there has to be more to life than this please touch my life and bring a miracle through my life

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