God Loves the Noisy Old Lady

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Loves the Noisy Old Lady

I really, really thank God for all the rich and varied answers to prayer that God is giving, and the fact that people are taking the time to write in after our 7 o’clock Eastern Time prayer meeting on Tuesday night to tell us what the Lord is doing for them.

Here’s Doris from Toronto, Canada, “Praise God, the Lord gave me the grace to have compassion for the noisy old lady who is my neighbor, and I even gave her a hug. Thank God He loves everybody.” Well Doris, I want to thank you for sending that in to us because God loves you, and God loves the noisy old lady who is your neighbor, and I pray will all my heart that one day soon, both of you together will be making noise for the Lord, gathering together after our prayer meeting and singing with all your might, “Freedom, freedom, freedom; no more shackles no more chains, no more bondage.”

Doris and your neighbor, it’s time to pray!

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  1. Ugochukwu Okeke   •  

    Good day..
    I'm really amazed at the joy that fills the lives of Christians around the world. However my case is different.
    What freedom do you really partake in when you become a Christian.
    I constantly live a sad life although I'm born again. I really need some personal guidance

    Thank you times square church for being an instrument of change in my life. Above all , thanks be to God for I believe that things will become better some day.

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