God is Who Defines You

Today, you might be facing a lot of heartache and difficulties. Some are struggling with sickness, depression, even addictions, but you are called to be much more than those things. You are not defined by those things. Those things are only circumstances. It’s not who you are, it’s not who God says you are, and it is not who God calls you to be in the future. You are a mighty warrior of God in His kingdom.

I believe that this is the hour where the church of Jesus Christ is going to rise up again and we are going to take our rightful place in Christ. We will fully comprehend who we are in Christ, the calling that you and I have in Him, and the power that God is willing to give us to achieve something for His glory in our generation. He’s willing to give us all that we ask Him for, if we will just pray.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Heydi   •  

    Bendiciones mis amados no sé inglés pero si tenemos algo en común y es Padre,Hijo,Espíritu Santo ❤️

  2. Sevatil   •  

    Thanks! God bless you in Christ Jesus; I Love this Ministery.

  3. Pat   •  

    These messages are true blessings from God. So full of light and uplifting. Thank and God Bless you.

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