God Is Restoring Families

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Is Restoring Families

Here in New York City, on our Tuesday night live on the Internet, worldwide prayer meeting, many, many wonderful answers to prayer are coming in. The Lord God is giving people salvation; He’s answering their prayers to be set free from addiction; from depression. Families are being restored. Listen to these reports:

Brooklyn, New York: “Please join me in praising God and Jesus’ holy Name for the miraculous return of my niece to her mother and to her father, after 30 years! God is answering. Keep praying for miracles, in Jesus’ name.”

From Brooklyn, New York: “My sister and I are reconciling our differences.”

From Rego Park, New York: “I thank God, after more than four years of being estranged from my daughter, God answered my prayer at His will and in His time.”

Oh thank God, thank God for the prayers that are being answered!

Folks, it’s time to pray.


  1. Enez Panicoe   •  

    Thank You for your prayers Pastor Carter. I have been praying and waiting on this for both my son's families to return to us. We are getting on in age and it has been 5 years now. They are away for our me, my husband, their sister and her husband and precious children. They also keep 5 grandchildren from us. We watched one of them for 3 years. My husband has lung cancer and they give no response when written. They both drifted from the family after marriage. We were a wonderful God loving happy family until they were manipulated by their wives. Please Pastor Carter, pray for my family, we are so in need. We have been praying for 5 years now and time is short. God Bless You and Bless the Times Square Church. Amen.

  2. Jason   •  

    Praise God!!! He's at the door! Our Master is at the door!

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