God IS Restoring Families

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God IS Restoring Families

Here in New York City, on our Tuesday night, live, on the internet Worldwide Prayer Meeting, many, many wonderful answers to prayer are coming in. The Lord God is giving people salvation. He’s answering their prayers to be set free from addiction, from depression. Families are being restored, listen to these reports:

Brooklyn, New York, “Please join me in praising God and Jesus’ holy name for the miraculous return of my niece to her mother and to her father, after thirty years. God is answering. Keep praying for miracles, in Jesus’ name.”

From Brooklyn, New York, “My sister and I are reconciling our differences.”

From Rego Park, New York, “I thank God, after more than four years of being estranged from my daughter, God answered my prayer at His will and in His time.” Oh thank God, thank God for the prayers that are being answered.

Folks, it’s time to pray.


  1. Rob Sweet   •  

    In need of prayer for the salvation of my brother (Benjamin Scott Sweet) and the salvation of my mother (Angie Parton). I'm believing for their salvation and restoration of my family as well. Blessings

  2. Joan   •  

    Please pray for my son Eric that he can overcome his addiction. I need my son back and only God can help me.

  3. Rene Alfredo   •  

    No importa lo que tenga ser reprendido en mi (yo quiero ser como cristo) ven señor hazlo en mi tráeme cerca. salva mi alma
    Purifica mi vida hazme a la perfecta imagen de tu hijo y yo seré feliz,


    I have been estranged from my son, Zech 21 and my dtr, Nicole 16 for nearly 6 years. I believe the Lord will return them when he sees fit. In the mean time, I am getting ready. Encouraging the next generation Ps 145

  5. sheila   •  

    Please pray for my son larry

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