God Is Moving Heaven and Earth

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Is Moving Heaven and Earth

Tuesday night is prayer night here at Times Square Church. People from many nations are joining us here, and online for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. It’s like the book of Acts, as we rejoice over the many answered prayers submitted during the meeting. You are welcome to join us and witness the glorious power of God as we pray.

Listen to some examples. From Oakland, “Praise God! I asked for my son and family to get into a house, and to have all the bad issues solved in moving on Friday. My God answers prayer. Let Jesus’ name be high and lifted up.”

And from Canada, “I’m so amazed at God and His awesome power, and thankful to Him and Times Square Church. Last week I put in an urgent request for my family. We were in danger of losing our house, but God gave us favor. Praise the Lord.”

Thank God for all these wonderful reports that are coming in. God is moving heaven and earth for His people.

It’s time to pray!


  1. Donna   •  

    Please pray for my daughter to recommit her life to the Lord. She accepted Jesus and was baptized but has fallen away.

    Thank you and God bless you!


  2. Caux   •  

    Pray for a new home Church called "Agape" in South France, the Christian motorcyclist club "the Gospelers". May God provide à all the needs. Be blessed. -J.C. CAUX

  3. D Rosaasen   •  

    Please pray, we have a car that needs to be sold. Pray it sells soon. Thank you

  4. Frannie   •  

    Praise God. I love these meetings. I am there every Tuesday night...bless all of you there.

  5. Betty Lucero   •  

    Pray for healing of my body I have many diseases! Thank you

  6. Betty Lucero   •  

    Pray for healing in my body I have many diseases & restoration of my family! Thank you

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