God Is Healing People

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Is Healing People

In our Worldwide prayer meeting here in New York City every Tuesday night, we pray together at 7PM, Eastern Time. God is healing people in a marvelous way. Here are just a two of those examples.

From West New York: “Praise God! I prayed for Steve’s son and family the first week of February. He had stage 4 cancer, given months to live. The cancer has disappeared there is no trace left! The doctors say it’s a miracle! God is indeed good!”

And here is Jana from Bulgaria: “I asked for prayer for healing, and I am healed! Thank you, Jesus! And I asked for prayer for my husband, Stoyan. The Lord has healed him. All the glory to God! Thank you, Times Square Church, for praying for us.”

My brother my sister that are listening, remember it’s time to pray.

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  1. Ed   •  

    Prayer: for my walk and prayer life I've been struggling in my walk spiritually lusting in my eyes for sex and been struggling with it for awhile and been asking God and Praying for deliverance from the spirit of lust... God Bless

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