God Is Healing Marriage

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Is Healing Marriage

God is doing some wonderful things as we pray together with people from over one hundred and sixty-six countries every Tuesday night, live on the Internet, at our worldwide prayer meeting here in NYC. Let me talk about some of the marriage situations that God is beginning to touch.

From Sylvie Levis in Canada: “Praise the Lord for improvement in my daughter’s marriage situation. Praying for God’s love, grace and mercy upon this family, for her husband’s salvation, Godly leadership, and wisdom for raising Godly children.”

And here’s Monica from Montgomery, Alabama: “My husband and I have been at odds for years. This evening we are praying together with you. Praise God!” Thank God for that report.

And Mary from Tucker, Georgia: “Instantly after prayer, I saw a change in my husband’s attitude.” Well, Mary, I hope your husband saw change in yours.

Remember, it’s time to pray


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  1. Ronelle Drake   •  

    Lord we thank and praise you for restoring marriages, we thank You for the power of prayer. Thank you God that we can reach out to You and I thank you that Your're always there for us. God I thank you for your faithfulness, love, compassion. God I thank you for restoring my marriage immediately after prayer, thank you for the peace and joy that fills the house thank you for lifting the oppression I thank you for the prayers of the saints and I ask that you will bless each and everyone of them. I praise you for your goodness and I thank you for the power of Your Word. God I thank you for the powerful message we received on Sunday. Father God I ask that you will bless Pastor Carter for his obedience to You and thank you for blessing him to be able to deliver Your powerful Word and I thank you for him from the bottom of my heart. Lord Your goodness and mercy amazes me each new day. I love you Lord. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us and thank you Jesus for your love. I pray Father that you will protect all your saints in these dark hours and thank for your armor. thank you for your joy my God, I ask this in Jesus precious Name, amen Thank you Pastor Carter for the powerful message on Sunday God bless you, enjoy your day, lots of luv R

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