God Is Healing Families

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Is Healing Families

This is Carter Conlon. Healings in marriages and families are just some of the many miracles that we are experiencing during our Worldwide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. Join us here in New York City online and have your faith stirred as we hear the wonderful miracles that God is doing around the world. Let me just share a couple of them with you.

From Iowa, “After 11 months of not seeing my grandchildren, I got to see them last Sunday and took them to church.”

And here’s Beth in Georgia, “Last week, I asked for prayer for 3-year old Mikey, who was run over by a car. He’s healing and he’s home from the hospital. All the glory goes to God.”

From New Jersey, “We’ve been praying for our son’s salvation for years, but it wasn’t until the prayer group at Times Square Church prayed for him that he announced, ‘I want to be a Christian.'”

Don’t leave your family out. This is Carter Conlon reminding you, it’s time to pray!

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    Please help me pray for Rodolfo Mendoza he is very ill. He was told he has stomach cancer and it has already spread to the liver. Please help me pray for his salvation and healing. None of his family is saved.

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