God Heals

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Heals

In our worldwide prayer meeting here in New York City, every Tuesday night we pray together at 7 o’clock Eastern Time with people and groups from up to 160 countries. God is healing people in a marvelous way. Here are a couple of examples.

Joan writes to us from Alton Bay, New Hampshire: “Since submitting a prayer request for our prayer group which was having major health issues, everyone has returned in good health and the group has doubled! Thank you.” Well, thank you, Joan, for writing in to us. We deeply appreciate it. I remember your original prayer request and praying for you. Thank God for this answer.

Brenda from Florida says these words: “I had extreme pain in my arms. I called upon the Lord and He instantaneously healed me, and I’m feeling good.” We are hearing that report quite often lately.

Remember, my friends, it’s time to pray.


  1. Carol   •  

    Please pray for Carol with bipolar and pain in feet and high cholesterol.
    Please pray for Ryan to come back to Jesus.
    Please pray for Dori with cancer.

  2. Judith   •  

    I will pray and stand with you Carol

  3. Michelle   •  

    Please pray for Barry with stroke.Please pray for Niv,God will set him free from drug addiction.Please pray that Michael and Jun will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Thank you xx

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