God Heals Marriages

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Heals Marriages

We have a wonderful World Wide prayer meeting here in New York City every Tuesday night, at 7PM till 8:30 Eastern Time, and God is answering our prayer. People are texting and writing in from around the world telling us about their victories.

Here’s one from Middle Island, from Janet: “I put a prayer request for my husband to submit to the authority of God. He did and is in the Word of God daily. Our marriage has improved.” Thank God for you, Janet, and for your husband.

And here’s one from Eau Claire, Wisconsin: “My sister was having terrible marriage issues. I urged her to watch Tuesday evening’s prayer meeting. She called me later and shared how it had turned things totally around. She was so joyful. Oh, praise the Lord!”

Folks, don’t give up on your marriage. The Bible tells us clearly what God had joined together, no one has the right to pull it a part. Don’t let unbelief come in between you and your spouse.

It’s time to pray.


  1. Justin Greaves   •  

    Please pray for my wife Jessice. She believes in the Lord, but she is holding on to past pain & heart break!

  2. Albert & Loni   •  

    Please stand in the gap for my husband a Jew and I a gentile. We got married but his struggles with Christianity and my disability caused a separation between us. We always desired to go to Israel and be a blessing to David & Karen Davis. Now living hundreds of miles apart. But I'm believing & trusting God. Because no one has the right to separate us. Thank you Pastor Carter for the encouragement No more unbelief in our marriage We love each other.
    In Jesus Name Father, Let us be reconciled and fulfill Your call through Holy Spirit in our lives Amen

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