God Heals

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Heals

Here in New York City, at 7pm every Tuesday night, we gather together for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. This prayer meeting is streamed live on the Internet, and we see God answer prayers in a marvelous way. Here are a couple of examples.

Here’s Donald from Brooklyn: “Hallelujah! I requested prayer for Gabriel, who, with his sister, lives with me—that Jesus would miraculously heal him from a stroke. He walked!”” Thank you, Donald, for letting us know about that marvelous answer to prayer God has given you.

Here’s one from Wisconsin: “Thank you, Lord and TSC. Requested prayer for Cathy who could not tolerate any more chemo and radiation. They did surgery and found the cancer gone!”

Here’s a third one from Rocky River, Ohio: “14-year-old Elijah, who was comatose and was in a vehicular accident, woke up and started to speak. Glory to God!”

Remember folks, it’s time to pray.


  1. john beechy   •  

    If you could pray for my friend keiths baby avery she has a tumor. Also for my wife allyces salvation and my families a nd her families. Their names are my mom pat, dad vern, sisters ashley, mandy, jamie and brother brad. Also my wifes family bruce, gail, ashley, frank, breanna, ariel, skylar, ethan, randy, hunter, mara and nicholas. Also for ethan and his muscular dystrophy. Also barba jean who is very sick. Also deliverance from demons in my life and in my flesh and mind and my assurance of salvation

  2. Amy   •  

    Please pray for me that God will help me to go thru hard times in life.

  3. Josué   •  

    Thank you Jesus!

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