God Does All Things Well

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Does All Things Well

At Times Square Church in New York City we gather to pray every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. People from over 195 countries are joining with us, and we pray together and as we do God is answering many people in many ways.

Here’s Donna from Ridgefield. A praise report: she had a 6 month follow up on a CT scan, it showed no major issues. She previously had spots on her lungs. Thank you Donna for letting us know about your victory.

From Canada, “Thank you Jesus for miraculously providing an apartment for a family in our church. Thank you Times Square Church for praying with us about it.”

And James from Nevada, “I asked a month ago for prayer for my hip. Pain and damage, it stopped in days. It was a common degenerative disease. I asked also prayed for blessings in all my projects, and all is well. Thank you God.” Thank you for letting us know James.

It’s time to pray!


  1. Maggie Andrews   •  

    Please join me in praying for Baby Lily Grace, 6 month in utero baby diagnosed with spina bifida. Thank you.

  2. Mattie Ramos   •  

    9/12/2017 @ 12:00 Noon These are wonderful answers to prayer! Please pray for me as I evangelize on these tough NYC subways and streets today - for anointing and for protection in every way! Thank you for all that you do! With love,

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