God Delivers

it's time to pray
it's time to pray
God Delivers

Here in New York City we have a Worldwide Prayer Meeting every Tuesday at 7PM Eastern Time that can be streamed live on the Internet. People are submitting prayer requests and answered prayers, and I’m rejoicing with the wonderful reports of how God is healing, saving, restoring, and delivering so many people. Here’s a couple of examples of that:

From Rosemarie in California, “I requested prayer a few weeks back for my adult son, who is battling depression and suicide. He is making positive changes in his life, and has hope.” Praise God.

And from Jennifer in Sugarland, Texas, “All I can do is thank and praise God for letting my parents and I be rescued from the tropical storm Harvey.”

Thank you Jennifer, thank you Rosemarie for submitting these wonderful praise reports to us; it encourages our faith. Remember everybody, for you and I, it’s time for us to pray!


  1. Jen   •  

    I'm asking prayers for God's mercy and comfort for my dear friend who is in the end stage of his life.
    I'm Jesus Christ name I pray.

  2. Patricia Lloyd   •  

    Charity my daughter is 14 and became totally hostile to me and ran away to her sister's house because I took her phone. She got the phone back from her dad and is in touch with men we don't know. We need desperate prayer.

  3. Anna   •  

    Praying for my Araya to be saved

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